Us Iceland Defense Agreement

The agreement includes continued assistance to the United States with respect to NATO`s surveillance of Icelandic airspace, the temporary presence of underwater research aircraft, close cooperation in the area of security and defence, maintenance and operation of defence facilities, exchange of information and practical cooperation, for example with regard to practice. , search and rescue, as well as emergency assistance. Iceland is the only ally that does not have armed forces. As a founding member and in a bilateral defence agreement with the United States, Iceland provided facilities and land to NATO facilities until the 1990s as the main military contribution to the Alliance. NATO`s main facilities in Iceland were Keflavellk Airport, which until 2006 housed a permanent US defence force (Iceland continues to operate NATO radars and the integrated system operated from Keflavék and supports NATO allies in host countries). Yesterday, Iceland and the United States signed a joint defence cooperation agreement. The agreement was signed in Reykjavik and Washington, D.C., by Icelandic Secretary of State Lilja Alfresd-ttir and U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Roberto O. Worke. The agreement is an addition to an agreement signed between the two countries in 2006. Non-profit organization, Icelandic Roots Genealogy, history, photos, maps, scholarships and more. Website: Washington D.C.

Icelandic Association of Washington, D.C. President: Mr Gunnar Birgisson P.O. Box 1616, Woodbridge, VA 22195 Tel: 325-370-3324 E-mail: [email protected] Website: The United States was the first country to recognize Iceland`s independence in 1944, after Danish rule. Iceland is a founding member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), but does not have its own military. The United States and Iceland signed a bilateral defence agreement in 1951; it remains in force, although US forces are no longer permanently stationed in Iceland. Without Bjarni Benediktsson, Iceland might never have joined NATO.

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