Sound Mind Agreement

To use the services, you may need to purchase a Voice command device from Amazon, Inc. (“Amazon”) such as an Alexa or an echo (a “device” each) through us. Soundmind provides the device to the address listed in the corresponding order form after completing the necessary configuration. You are responsible for the correct installation of the device after receipt. Unless explicitly stated, you will cover the risk of deterioration or loss of the device after delivery. Any device warranty is defined by Amazon, provided that this warranty does not in any way cover damage caused to a device by an accident, abuse, attempted or unauthorized repair service, modification or improper installation. Soundmind is not responsible for device outages or changes (including those that may affect your service usage) made by Amazon. Your use of the device is subject to the following conditions: When you purchase the services and a device, you accept the prices and payment terms in force. Soundmind may, at any time, at its own discretion, add new features for additional fees and fees, or change fees and fees for existing features. Any changes to our pricing or payment terms will take effect in the billing cycle after communicating this change in accordance with this Agreement. Your continued use of the corresponding services after a price change comes into effect is your consent to the payment of the amended amount. As part of the services, we allow you to use our proprietary applications (each a “capacity”) with the device.

These skills can include video chat, SMS messaging and calendar sharing. The access and use of skills are determined by the device you are buying. Some skills allow you to connect with and/or people you choose in Soundmind, such as your friends and family, and transfer them to them. You heresafter in the transmission of user content to these third parties and are fully responsible for the access or use of User Services or Content by those third parties and any liability. 3. You are aware that Soundmind relies on your assurances to provide the services and device, that you confirm to the recipient and that you agree that any comments, comments or suggestions you make regarding the services (“Feedback”) will be the exclusive and exclusive property of Soundmind and that you will irrevocably indicate to us all your right, title and interest in and for all returns. All the data we generate from your use of the Services is owned by Soundmind and will be processed subject to the terms of our privacy policy. The parties do their best to resolve disputes, claims, issues or disputes directly through fair consultation and negotiation, which is a precondition for resolving an arbitration remedy or proceeding.

If the parties fail to reach an amicable solution within 30 days of the date of such an informal settlement of disputes, each party may initiate binding arbitration proceedings. Unless explicitly stated, all disputes, claims or controversies (a “debt”) arising from or related to this agreement are settled by a mandatory arbitration procedure managed by the American Arbitration Association (AAA) in accordance with the provisions of its commercial consumer arbitration rules and the complementary procedures for AAA consumer litigation, with the exception of rules or procedures that govern or authorize class actions. The arbitrator, and not all federal, regional or local courts or an agency, has exclusive authority to resolve any disputes arising from or related to the interpretation, applicability, applicability or formation of this agreement, including, but not limited to, all allegations that all or part of this agreement is undaunted or unsealed. The arbitrator`s award is binding on the parties and can be registered as a judgment in any competent court.

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