Fi Collective Agreement Leave

Pilots are launched within eight (8) months of signing this agreement. The employer grants leave without payment: (b) leave with or without payment for purposes other than those provided for in this agreement. 10.02 Overtime worked in accordance with item 10.01 is compensated in cash, unless, at the request of the worker and at the employer`s discretion, overtime may be performed in the form of compensatory leave in accordance with clauses 9.04 and 9.05 of Article 9, overtime. (b) after the submission of a complaint and within the time frame set out in this article, the delegated authority in charge of the appeals body informs of its intention to use alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, the deadlines set out in this article may be extended by mutual agreement between the employer and the worker and, if necessary, the representative of the Institute. (e) A worker who has not entered maternity leave without pay may choose: b) When the company`s requirements permit, the employer grants workers eligible for the programs or policies of the Institute of Leave that the members of the Institute compensate for the loss of rest days due to participation in meetings or training. (e) Any worker who intends to apply for unpaid parental leave informs the employer at least four (4) weeks before the scheduled date of the leave covered by points (a) and b) above. Both parties recognize that gender inclusion in the French language is more difficult to achieve compared to English, but they nevertheless support continued support and increased gender neutrality and inclusion in the collective agreement. (a) workers who have received unpaid maternity leave receive maternity benefits in accordance with the provisions of the Supplementary Unemployment Allowance Plan (SUB) described in paragraphs (c) d) provided they agree: 6.5.2 All workers who accept withholding payments agree to leave the Agency without priority rights. A worker is granted unserviced leave with a reasonable period of time that can be set by the employer when a compensation board finds that the worker is unable to meet the worker`s obligations because of a leave of work intended for examination or defence of theses. This leave is only granted if, in the employer`s opinion, the course is directly related to the worker`s duties or improves the worker`s qualifications.

14.08 A worker may not benefit from leave in a month or an exercise for which leave is already granted under another collective agreement in which the employer is associated or under other rules or regulations of the employer.

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