Cash Management Service Agreement

(a) The customer assures and guarantees the bank that each customer has given the customer the power to access their accounts and make transactions using one of the services to the same extent as if the customer owns them, including as a “third party.” 34.2 Customers who hire a third party. Subject to the bank`s prior agreement and at its sole discretion, the customer may designate a third party as the customer`s representative in order to use one or more of the services (hereafter referred to as “third party of the customer”). All transactions that the bank receives from the third of the customer are authorized by the customer. All acts and omissions of the third of the Client are acts, omissions and responsibilities of the Client and are subject to the provisions of this Agreement. The customer agrees in solidarity with the third-party supplier of the customer, the bank of all debts, losses, damages, costs and expenses of any kind (including, but not limited, to the costs and reasonable payments of legal assistance in the course of an investigation, administration or justice procedure, whether or not the bank is designated as part of that part) that the bank may arise in connection with the acts or omissions of the third-party service provider. The customer`s account. The customer and the third of the customer execute other agreements or documents that the bank deems necessary or appropriate before the third party of the customer opens or pursues services on behalf of the customer. Notification of termination of the third-party customer`s authority to use one or more services on behalf of the customer is communicated in writing to the bank. The effective date for this termination is ten (10) working days after the bank has received a written termination. The customer accepts that the bank retains the right to refuse all transactions that have been initiated at its discretion by the third-party customer. 19.

Full agreement. The Bank and the Client recognize and accept that this Agreement and all changes made, all other documents incorporated by reference and annexes constitute the complete and exclusive declaration of the agreement between them with respect to the Services and the replacement of all prior agreements, assurances and agreements, written or written between the parties with respect to the Services. 12. Overdrafts; I`ll take care of it. The bank may, but is not required to, complete any transaction related to the provision of services, if the funds available in the client`s account are not sufficient to complete the transaction. In the event that the client`s actions result in an overdraft on one of the accounts receivable, including, but not limited to the client`s inability to maintain sufficient balances on one of the accounts receivable, the customer is responsible for the immediate and un noticeable overdraft refund. The Bank has the right, in addition to all other rights and remedies at its disposal, to equalize the inpayment of an amount owed to it in connection with the services, with all debts owed to the client by the bank, including, but not exclusively, any obligation resulting from a pension contract or funds held at any time by the bank. , whether it is confiscated or in the process of being recovered. , or on another account taken into account or occupied by the customer on a certificate of deposit issued by the bank.

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