Canterbury Agreement

Generally speaking, the agreements contain obligations to pay money to us to mitigate the effects of a proposed development, including the provision of municipal infrastructure and affordable housing, which are needed as part of the planning policy. The fee is levied on a flat-rate basis for each contract s106, as follows: it may be subject to a building permit to make acceptable a development that would otherwise not be authorised. It is the country itself that is then bound by a legal agreement. Once your agreement is finalized and the building permit issued, you should refer to the commitment for details on the dates of payment and / or provision of the infrastructure. Planning obligations, also known as § 106, are taken between us and the developers. The fee is intended to cover the administrative costs of monitoring and reporting on s106 agreements. The concession contract is a binding agreement between the British and French governments, France Manche and the Channel Tunnels Group responsible for the planning, financing, construction and operation of the Channel Tunnel for a period of 55 years. The concession was then extended until 2086. In addition to attorneys` fees, a non-refundable s106 monitoring fee must be paid upon conclusion of the s106 agreement, which will be included as an obligation in this agreement. If a legal agreement is required, we recommend that you submit a draft contract with your construction application. Academic Support Centres – Temporary (PDF 130KB) (including teaching assistants/field or laboratory demonstrators/research or laboratory assistants) – 20.

November 2018 You may wish for your legal counsel to unilaterally establish the planning obligation or an agreement. All necessary cadastre searches must be paid for by the applicant. IEA – Early Childhood Education (PDF 185 KB) – 11 June 2018 The agreement defines in particular the purpose of the concession and the conditions for its termination. We need to review the project and modify/agree on it. For this service, we run attorney fees at the same level as those mentioned above and charge you the same way. We will confirm all charges and send you an invoice to pay. All fees paid for the work performed are non-refundable. The Franco-English Treaty on the Channel Tunnel was signed by both governments in Canterbury Cathedral.

The contract prepared the concession for the construction and operation of the fixed link by private companies. It describes the methods to be used for arbitration in the event of a dispute. It set up the governmental committee responsible, on behalf of the British and French Governments, for supervising all matters relating to the construction and operation of the tunnel, and a safety authority to advise the Intergovernmental Conference. . . .

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