Bixby Agreement

Make sure that your capsule is not contrary to the rules of capsule agreement. If your capsule is injured, it will not be approved. What does all this mean for the end consumer? First of all, it must be remembered that the agreement between Google and Samsung has not yet been concluded. The changes will certainly be minimal for users who have long been accustomed to prioritizing Google services and apps. Samsung services have always been relegated to the background of most people`s preferences. We are sure, unfortunately for Samsung, that the Galaxy Store will not be missed too much and even a voice assistant still valid, because Bixby risks disappearing from the radars without making too much noise, overshadowed by the hegemony of Siri first and by the supremacy of Google Assistant and Amazon`s Alexa second. who, with their proprietary devices, have imposed their own philosophy. We can`t know if the project will be completely abandoned, but it`s unlikely that Samsung will continue to invest resources in a marginalized product, a service that requires huge amounts of resources to develop, realize, and stay up to date with time and competitors. To launch the news around the world, Reuters revealed part of a long-standing correspondence between Samsung and Google. For years, from the Mountain View parties, they have been trying to convince Koreans to abandon their proprietary services, Bixby in the front row, to give greater visibility to Google companies, ranging directly from the voice assistant to online search and the App Store. The push and pull would now be near the end, the result of an agreement in which Google would grant Samsung much higher revenues than previous requests.

A step that would also be necessary to prevent Samsung from leaving the Android world, which would be too painful a blow after the death of Huawei. On the other hand, Samsung would have understood that it had followed a very unprofitable path for years and spent huge resources on projects that never yielded the expected results. The pandemic has only made things worse since Samsung is ready to cut dead wood and eliminate anything that doesn`t work as it should. At present, the two companies have remained totally vague and talked about close cooperation and nothing else, but many believe that the agreement is now concluded, just before an imminent formalization.

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