Bezmialem Learning Agreement

Physician training requires attention not only for knowledge and patient care, but also for lifelong learning and scholarships. The Medical Education Liaison Committee (LCME) in the United States (U.S.) lists specific criteria for medical schools to achieve this goal, including: 1) “ensuring that the medical curriculum contains independent learning experiences and time to study independently to enable medical students to develop lifelong learning skills”; and 2) “to promote the mental challenge and the spirit of study that is appropriate for a scientific community and that offer sufficient opportunities; Promote and support the participation of medical students in research and other scientific activities of their faculty” [1]. Scholarships are an important factor in taking into account a physician`s skills [2] and medical schools in the United States have therefore integrated independent Scottish scholarship and concentration programs to achieve these LCME objectives. Mission Vision of Bezmialem Vakif University []. Access 15 Sept 2018. Bezmi-lem is a 6-year-old traditional medicine study just after graduation, resulting in an M.D. degree. Bezmi-lem`s program program has been carefully divided between vertical integration, board reviews, objectives and results. The objective of the overall program is to “train students who respect our national values and differences, who are competitive with international scientific research in public health, and who meet Turkey`s current needs by focusing on the scientific branches of health science” [7].

This is why the programme focuses on training primary care physicians interested in medical research, with up-to-date knowledge on treatment strategies, preparation for entry into medical training and interest in lifelong learning in Turkey and the European Union. The apprenticeship agreement should include all the learning gains that the student must obtain during the exchange. Zorzi A, Rourke J, Kennard M, Peterson M, Miller K. Combined research and clinical learning make rural summer studies a successful model.

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