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Submission articles can be submitted online to this review. The online system converts your article files into a single PDF file used in the peer review process. Editable files (z.B. Word, LaTeX) are required to enter your article for final publication. All correspondence, including notification of the publisher`s decision and review requests, is e-mailed. Contributions to this review can be submitted either online or outside the system. Please do not send yourself by both routes; This can lead to your manuscript being checked and published twice! The text must be emptied doubly, in a single column of type 12 points Author, your manuscript can divide our online submission system Elsevier online data statement In order to promote transparency, we advise you to indicate the availability of your data in your repository. This may be a requirement of your organization or institution. If your data is not accessible or is not suitable for the mail, you have the option to indicate during the transmission process, for example.

B indicating that the search data is confidential. The statement is displayed with your article published on ScienceDirect. For more information, visit the Data Extract page. The following list is useful when reviewing an article before it is sent to the review for verification. Please read this guide for authors for more details on each article. Make sure that the following are present: An author has been designated as a corresponding author with contact information: `E-mail address` – Full postal address All necessary files have been downloaded and included: `Keywords` – All image captions ` All tables (including titles, description, footnotes) – IMPACT STATEMENT – Authors must download personal statements accompanied by their submission to briefly express the relevance and significance of their publication in less than 250 words. The statement is not published, but sent to the appropriate publisher and guest reviewers. Other Considerations This agreement will come into effect on the date of the acceptance of the shipment, entitled “Submission”) for publication. Concurrent Interest Statement All authors must disclose all financial and personal relationships with other individuals or organizations that may unduly influence their (biased) work. For example, potential conflicts of interest include employment, consulting firms, stock ownership, fees, testimony from paid experts, patent/registration applications and grants, or any other financing.

Authors must complete the competition interest statement using this model and send it to the transmission system at the “Add/Load Files” stage. Note: Do not convert the .docx model into another type of file. Authors` signatures are not required. If there is no interest to declare, please choose the first option in the model. This statement is published in the article if accepted. More information. In filing this agreement, the author signed by Ohio State University, on behalf of the University Libraries` Knowledge Bank (`the publisher`), grants the non-exclusive right to reproduce, translate, display and/or distribute the repository (including the summary) as part of the University of Libraries` “Journal” in print and electronic form and in any media.

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