Attendance Agreement Royal Mail

In these cases too, a payment interruption should only be considered after the employee has been contacted and it has been possible to contact the manager about the contact strategy / note fit provided for in the agreement. All contacts should be agreed, including personal meetings. Under the agreement, personal meetings of states can take place on day 28, week 12 and week 22. There may be personal meetings outside of these periods, but these should be agreed upon and not “required” by the manager. Answer: We would expect the vast majority of coronavirus absences to be excluded from the normal attendance procedure. However, in the event that coronavirus absences are in the wild for an excessive amount of time or repetition, further studies may be required. We also discussed with Royal Mail the reduction of absences as part of the coronavirus attendance agreement. Royal Mail`s response to the coronavirus absence update is below. Are absens taken into account in the presence procedure due to the coronavirus? All inquiries regarding the content of this LTB should be directed to the PTCS Division indicating reference 415. Email address: We are in dialogue on the broader issues within the attendance agreement. We will present the themes collected in December to management in the coming weeks and will try to develop an action plan to ensure that the agreement is properly respected.

If there is a violation of the attendance agreement, representatives should challenge it immediately and aggravate the problem through the framework of the obtaining agreement if it cannot be resolved. While the advice on self-isolation will change regularly, we wanted to make sure that members are not placed in a position where they will be faced with the decision to come to work and risk spreading the virus or seeking the right medical advice and staying home. An important part of the decision-making process in the scenario below will be whether they can afford to stay at home and whether they also have the certainty that they know that the absence will not be counted as part of the attendance agreement. After lengthy discussions, we agreed with Royal Mail and Unite/CMA on a tripartite statement. The Joint Declaration (annexed) reaffirms its commitment to the Presence Agreement and focuses specifically on the contact strategy, which is an essential element. The department wrote to Royal Mail on March 9 to discuss assurances about what will happen if members have to self-isolate due to the coronavirus. A response was received on March 12 and a meeting was held on March 13, 2020. Another discussion took place today. We have also been alerted to threats and the actual interruption of payments. There are only two situations where a salary interruption can be considered: we welcome the payment of sickness benefits to members during their first year of employment and we consider this to be a positive path. This was confirmed in the Royal Mail press release of Friday, March 13, 2020.

This document is attached as Appendix A. If members need to take a break to care for their loved ones, they can work on annual leave, unpaid free time or flexibility. These terms apply to all members of the Royal Mail Group, including members of the RMPFS. Parcelforce has entered into similar agreements through a separate communication. Branches and members will know that “thug letters” were sent to members who were not part of the letter collection agreed to under the agreement. These letters have been removed and the only letters used are the “official” letters on PSP….

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