Are Non Solicitation Agreements Enforceable In Florida

Second, if you have identified legitimate business interests, identify the employees in your business structure who have access to that information. These key agents, and only these key agents, should be bound by non-compete agreements. The same non-compete requirements in Florida apply to the enforcement of Florida`s no-pocher agreements. In Austin v. Mid State Fire Equip., 727 d. 2d 1097, 1098 (fla. 5th DCA 1999), the Tribunal found that a prohibition on debauchery was appropriate insofar as it prevented the former employee from soliciting clients of the former employer and disclosing confidential business information. The same applies to Tassy, the court found that a no-debauchery clause was appropriate, given that it is limited to two years and only prohibits the recruitment of clients of the former employer, including potential clients, with whom former employees have dealt or obtained confidential information through their links with the former employer. • Florida`s current non-compete clause – Florida`s current non-competition clause, § 542.335, regulates all non-compete agreements entered into on or after July 1, 1996.15 Its basic rules are quite simple. Non-compete clauses and other “restrictive agreements” are contractual agreements in which a worker promises not to compete with an employer`s business during employment or for a certain period of time and in a specified place after employment. You are your way to prevent employees, contractors, licensees and distributors from learning your business at your own expense and becoming your direct competitor.

Employers often require employees to sign competition bans as duration of employment. . . .

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